Veterans Bricks

Monument at Cherokee Veterans Park

Included within Cherokee Veterans Park is a monument dedicated to the service and sacrifice of all who have served our country in our military. The centerpiece of the design is a large United States Flag with five granite walls and plaques depicting the names and mottos for each uniformed branch of service along with the year each branch was founded. The pentagon-shaped plaza includes seat walls and a five-pointed star with a column at the point and the seal for each branch of the armed services on the column. The monument also includes an area in tribute to those veterans who suffered captivity as prisoners of war or who remain missing in action. Landscaping is provided around the monument to further enhance the area.

Each point of the star includes brick pavers to thank our veterans and commemorate their service. Veterans, their families and civilians alike can participate in the monument by purchasing a brick paver. All proceeds benefit the construction and upkeep of the monument.

You can purchase a brick by viewing our catalog or in person at the Recreation Center. For questions, call 770-924-7768. 

We install the bricks on Memorial Day and Veterans Day, Please note, brick orders close 45 day prior before Memorial Day and Veterans Day to allow time for installation.

Memorial Brick

Veterans monument