UPDATE on 3/31/2020- All scheduled CRPA activities and programs will remain suspended through Sunday, April 26th at this time. This includes, but not limited to classes, lessons, leagues, rentals, youth associations, etc. The following areas in the park system are CLOSED to the general public: ALL county owned and operated athletic fields, courts, community buildings, pavilions, playgrounds, rinks, and the skatepark. In simple terms, if it is an activity that encourages/ requires a park user to violate the social distancing guidelines (exercising or playing in groups) and/or use shared equipment (such as a ball, frisbee or puck), it is NOT permitted.

On a POSITIVE note, our parks remain open at this time for passive recreation activities in our open spaces, ramps, and trails. Activities including hiking, biking, skating, walking, running, boating, fishing, etc. are permitted provided that users follow local, state and federal guidelines on Social Distancing.

We understand that RECREATION provides a connection to the outdoors and green space, as well as opportunities for physical activity, which scientifically reduces stress and improves mental health. We also recognize the power of PARKS as essential resources for our community. Together, RECREATION & PARKS are even more important to our community during this pandemic.

Our professional staff continues to work hard at maintaining these spaces and keeping them accessible so that you can continue to enjoy these resources in a much-needed time. Let’s ALL do our part to use them in a way that respects each other and public health guidelines. Be safe and stay healthy!

For additional information about specific recreation and parks activities, the public is encouraged to visit our website at or contact CRPA directly at 770-924-7768 or the Cherokee County Aquatic Center at 678-880-4760.