American Red Cross Safety Classes

  1. Lifeguard Training
  2. Babysitting + Pediatric CPR
  3. CPR/AED/First Aid
  4. Lifeguard Instructor
  5. Junior Lifeguarding

The ARC LG class is designed to teach you the basics in water safety and the proper protocol when dealing with any emergency in and around water This course is a blend of both traditional lecture style and crucial hands-on training to teach you effective techniques to deliver prompt care to those in need. Students successful passing this class will be lifeguard certified.

Requirements- You must be 15 years of age by the last day of class and be able to complete the following skills on the first day of class:

-Swim 300 yards

-Continuously tread water for 2 minutes only using your legs

-Retrieve a 10lb brick from 7 ft of water

Additional information: Be prepared to swim every day and be in both a classroom setting as well as on the floor for training. Also, please bring a packed lunch.  

March 4-510A-5P$225
March 11-129A-6P$225
April 1-29A-6P
April 15-169A-6P
May 6-79A-6P