Hickory Flat Area Park Design Concept

HF Input Survey 2024

Welcome to the Hickory Flat Area Park Master Plan Page. Cherokee County recently acquired this 40-acre tract with the goal of developing a new recreation and parks facility to enhance the quality of life for the surrounding community. Here you will be able to provide valuable input on the community's vision for the park and stay up-to-date on the progress of the planning process.

 https://losedesign.mysocialpinpoint.com/hickory_flat_masterplan/cherokee-county-ga [losedesign.mysocialpinpoint.com]

View the map 

On the interactive map you can like, make a comment and add ideas or suggestions for the new park.


To add a comment, drag one of the colored icons (light bulb, thumb's up, speech bubble etc). from the top of the page to the place on the map related to the information that you want to share. Then enter your comment into the box that pops up, and include a photo related to the issue if you would like. 

Thank you for your participation in shaping the future of the Hickory Flat Area!

3552 East Cherokee Drive
Canton, GA 30115