Volunteer in Parks Banquet

CRPA annually hosts our Volunteers in the Parks (VIP) Banquet each January to recognize the previous year’s volunteers. During this banquet, guests enjoy dinner, a motivational speaker, prizes and gifts, and one volunteer from each group is recognized as a volunteer of the year for that organization. From those selected by their respective groups as the volunteer(s) of the year, a panel of judges selects one volunteer as the Cherokee County Distinguished Volunteer of the Year.

2019 Volunteers of the Year

Distinguished Volunteer of the Year - Delaine Cagle
Excellence in Volunteer Service Award for 2019 - Hobgood Baseball 

Cherokee Youth Football Association - Kevin Kelley
CCAC Adaptive Swim - Josh Sebring
Cherokee County Special Olympics - Virginia Elder
Leisure Spectrum - Delaine Cagle
Cherokee Youth Basketball - Scott Barber
Georgia Academy Power - Alicia Lanier
North Georgia Falcons - Mike Turner
SORBA Woodstock - Dave Saigh
CCAC Pelicans - Donna & Richard Bennevendo
Cherokee Hockey In-Line League - Tom Stacy
Cherokee Senior Softball Association - Gary Bedoe
Hobgood Baseball - Yvonne Curtis
Cherokee Youth Lacrosse - Dermot Carey
NASA Top Hat Cherokee - Joyce Oliver
Dwight Terry Baseball - Woody Jones
Friends of Garland Mountain Trails - Bobby Delay
North Cherokee Baseball - The Brannon Family
East Cherokee Baseball - Rich Hendricks
North Metro Miracle League Cherokee - Rick Kimberly
Cherokee Soccer Association - Nicole Vinette
Cherokee Youth Softball - Luke Cutlip
Cherokee Reds Baseball - Nate Wolosiewicz
Canton Baseball - Kenny Griggs 

Past CRPA Distinguished Volunteers

  • 2018 - Rob & Tracie Strozier - Miracle League
  • 2017 - Lori Bane - Hobgood Baseball
  • 2016 - Ray Deluca - Cherokee Senior Softball Association
  • 2015 - Amy Turcotte - CYFA, Holly Pineda - Special Olympics
  • 2014 - Duffy Sparks - Cherokee Youth Baseball
  • 2013 - Delaney Spurlock - Leisure Spectrum
  • 2012 - Steve Diamond - CHILL
  • 2011 - Dan Carmicheal - Cherokee Reds
  • 2010 - Marguerite White - CYFA